Helping Kids to use Money with Fun in Safely Way

Allowances Made Easy

Our top of the line family allowance application gives you the tools you have to track stipends. No more perplexity about who is owed what! Our application makes it simple to track allowances. Power to kids, No Pestering for parents!

Money Handling Tips

We provide a secure place for children to make real money decisions. You get true serenity. They get pragmatic experience. Money handling tips will be provided to kids in the form of notifications and they can make use of it.

Child Friendly Stores

Our allowance app comes with a kids-friendly store. This will display kid’s toys and books. It's where children can securely spend their allowance under your control. This makes them consider needs and putting something aside for greater objectives.

Safety & Security

Ensuring your data is one of our top priorities. We have special partners to deliver bank-level security of payment information. We keep things reasonable and square. Parents get an outline of all their child’s accounts.

A Curated Store

Our family allowance app comes with a kid-friendly store. It’s a place where children can safely spend their allowance under your control. This gets them thinking about wants and needs and saving for bigger goals.

  • Children see a filtered list of items
  • You approve all orders above a limit you set
  • Your child’s balance is adjusted when they make a purchase

Decision Making

We believe children learn best through action. So with our allowance app, your child gets to make real decisions. They can:

  • Track their balance
  • Request cash
  • Create a wishlist
  • Shop in our child-friendly store
  • Check out short articles about money
We help Students to Manage Money and Develop Financial Skills
Helping parents/guardians by providing with control and transparency in there child’s spending and savings
  • Account Setup

    Only parents will be able to open an account in Foloosi Technologies L.L.C allowance app. Kids will not be able to open an account.

  • Request Money

    Kids can request for money only with their parent’s approval by keeping it simple and easy to use. This will ensure that money will be safe in the account.

  • Child Friendly Store

    Children can see a filtered list of items. Parents can approve all orders and purchase. Account balance is adjusted when they make a purchase.

  • School Events

    Kids can get information about cultural programme, any sports activities, school events that are going to take place in and around their locations.

  • Personalized Theme

    With personalized themes you can precisely style the app by changing the colors, adding images and backgrounds on a global or granular basis throughout your app.

  • Send Sticker

    Kids can send birthday wishes to their friends and parents in the form of stickers. Set of stickers will be available to use.

Know about Rewards

Rewards are sponsored (silver rewards), which will be offered to all consumers.

Know about Developer API

Foloosi Technologies L.L.C solutions built with developers in mind. An inclusive suite of well documented APIs, Plug-ins & easy to integrate.