Enable your business with Foloosi Technologies L.L.C

Opportune and more secure

Foloosi Technologies L.L.C strives towards options that are designed to be accessible, convenient & reliable.

Hassle Free Signup

Instant, stress-free and paperless setup. Sign up for free in few minutes. Enter your email & password & you are ready to go!

Low transaction fees

Fees paid per transaction are comparatively low while accessing the payment processing system to authorize a customer's purchase.

Ultimate Satisfaction

Our innovative and award charming technology will serve the customer to the highest levels of satisfaction.

Let’s make your business secure and easy with Foloosi Technologies L.L.C

Foloosi Technologies L.L.C makes your business more mobile & secure by helping you to accept payments anywhere and anytime.

Communicate directly to your customers

Business can communicate directly to their customers with offers, coupons and discounts provided by Foloosi Technologies L.L.C innovative technology.

Promote your business with Foloosi Technologies L.L.C

We use our broad mobile billing and payments experience to make creative new payment solutions to empower your business.

Know about Rewards

Rewards are sponsored (silver rewards), which will be offered to all consumers.

Know about Developer API

Foloosi Technologies L.L.C solutions built with developers in mind. An inclusive suite of well documented APIs, Plug-ins & easy to integrate.